About Us

Hi everyone and Welcome! 🙂 I am Jyoti Malhotra the cook and photographer behind AGIRLINKITCHEN and this little website is my online home. I write about appetizing food, I cook delicious food, and I take pictures of mouth-watering food.

As a privilege to be born into a Punjabi family I always relished good food. But cooking…!!! Initially, i was not fond of.

As a young girl, my relationship with kitchen was just that, I used to help my mother in the kitchen. But later on, I learned to enjoy cooking as well. My mother gave me the gene to enjoy cooking as she is an excellent cook. I used to watch her making various delicacies for me and my siblings and slowly started experimenting with different ingredients. I learned to cook with loads of spices and herbs while not compromising with the taste of the vegetables, grains, and lentils.

Now as a Young Women I am PASSIONATE ABOUT cooking…!!!! I have been cooking for over 5-6  years, and enjoy it more and more by each passing day. It’s challenging, inspirational, creative and therapeutic… and much more. I started this blog to share with you my passion for cooking through my little adventures in the kitchen.  My blog contains photographs and recipes of my kitchen chronicles, and a little bit about my other interests – food styling, art, photography…….

I am a believer in the fact that home-cooked food is fresher and healthier. It seems like a luxury that nowadays only a few can afford. Our lives are overwhelmingly busy and “fast-food” is a common term in this fast world. As  I am also a “fast food” lover thus my goal is to make “Fast Food” just a bit healthier n fresh.,.,  I believe half the fun of cooking is experimenting, so I try to mix different ingredients and create fusion foods….. ! I always try to cook things that are practical, interesting, and delicious of course.

In my private life, I am a full-time digital marketing expert and a home cook as well. I adore noodles, dosa, and pasta. Some of my favorite things in life are chocolates, Indo-Chinese food, Rain, Venice, Sunrise, and Winters. On a more personal level, I’m constantly trying to learn how to be better at things that really matter, like living care-free, living my dreams, and following Kanhaji.

All in all, AGIRLINKITCHEN  is about the love I have for excellent flavors, various herbs n spices, sinful sweets and savory food. It is all about my kitchen tales and as much as possible healthy recipes and good information related to food.  Hope you will enjoy these recipes as much as I do.

Keep on cooking!